Multipromo sas has got all it takes to provide 360° professional audio services. This is also made possible thanks to a staff apecialized in diverse fields of experitse, so to supply for any need or request:

Giovanni Porcinai
Multipromo sas Director and Founder – he will follow every step of the process, from recording to publishing,
distribution and consultancy.

Director of Multipromo translations Division – experienced translator and director of Multipromo translations,
Rita is in charge of multilingual translation and interpreting services, also including multimedia solutions such as voiceover,
dubbing and speakerage.

Qualified Sound Engineer and independent producer. 
Graduated from Manchester's School of Sound Recording, Emanuele is in charge of sound-proofing,
audio recordings, mastering and technical consultancy. In addition to his technical skills he brings in his creative
and experimental experiences in music production and sound design.

Heterogeneous background ranging from interior architecture, to photography and publishing.
Graduated from University of the Arts London, Elisabetta is in charge of services upon request such as:
photo-shoots, editing and graphic design services for the publishing
and production of record sleeves and other material for music releases.